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                             Home Loans, Investment Properties and Apartments    

      John Hinrichs 
      Home Loan Lending -  Sr Loan Consultant - Manager - CA BRE Broker - NMLS

      Cal Coast Financial Corp, 187 South J Street, Livermore, CA 94551
      John Hinrichs began his career as a manager with FinanceAmerica, a division of
      Bank of America, in 1982.  John gained experience underwriting, credit analysis,
      collections and sales of bank products and  services at Bank of America until 1986.
                               John joined First National Funding Group, a mortgage broker in 1986, as Vice President   
                               of operations till 1992.    In 1995 to 2008, John became the President of
                               REALTY WORLD Financial Services of  No Ca and No NV a mortgage banking company.  
                               In 2008,  John and his partner Pam set out on their own and developed a team of  industy
                               contacts from their years of experience, to help home buyers, home owners, and real 
                               estate professionals with financial services.   As an independent, their firm can look 
                               outside the box to find results.           
                               Education:  Bachelor's Degree Business from Mankato State University.    
                               Licensed real estate broker since 1978.
                               He has been an active member of the California Assoiciation of  Mortage Brokers. 
                               Contact John :   925-784-6410

                                 Marketing, Referral and Testimonial Partners

         Brad Maaske 
         REALTY STARS - Broker - Owner,
REALTY STARS real estate sales and propety
         management  located at 103 W Tulare Ave Visalia, California  93277   Brad has been
         offering real estate services for over 30 years in both sales and marketing of all kinds of
         real estate and property management of rental homes and commercial real estate.
                                For over 10 years Brad has been the Host of the Radio Talk Show "REAL TALK" on             
                                Saturday Mornings on KMJ 580 AM Radio.   Throughout Brads career he is considered an
                                expert in his field and finds himself teaching and a requested guest speaker at many 
                                events.  Brad is active in local civic and state wide organizations, serving as a
                                past President of REALTY WORLD - NCA brokers council and other various positions as a
                                franchisee for over 25 years.  Since 2007 Brad has adapted his services to become an
                                expert in Short Sales and Loan Modifications helping hundreds maintain and keep thier
                                Contact Brad:  ( 559 ) 733-8360

        David Ormonde 
        REALTY WORLD - Millenium
- Real Estate Sales and Marketing President
        David has been offering real estate marketing services in Tracy, CA for 30 
        years.  His vast real estate experience encompasses everything from new custom home
        develpment, commercial to resale homes.  David Ormonde has been a licensed Real
        Estate Broker in the state of California since 1989 and president of Cidejjko, Inc. since 
                                1981. In addition to running the business of brokerage for Realty World Millennium,  Mr.  
                                Ormonde also is the managing partner in Tradko Valley Associates, a California Limited 
                                Partnership, as well as the managing partner for PJM, LLC, and Invesdko, LLC, both 
                                holding companies for real estate in California. 
                                Contact David:   209-832-0679

         Pam Hinrichs
         Cal Coast Financial Corp.  Sr Loan Processor         

         Pam Hinrichs, has been in the real estate industry since 1989.  She is dedicated to  
         helping clients make intelligent real estate and financial decisions.  She has held
         numerous positions in the real estate, real estate agent, loan officer, mortgage 
         processing, administration, and servicing of mortgage loans. From 1989 to 1992  Pam
         worked in the processing and escrow departments for the First National Funding Group, 
                                 West Covina, CA.
                                 While at First National Funding, Pam became one of the owners of an Escrow Company 
                                 and acted as on of its managing partners and Senior Escrow officers.  From 1995 to 2008 
                                 she served as Vice President of Operations, at REALTY WORLD Financial Services 
                                 of No Ca and No NV, a mortgage banking Company, managing all aspects of 
                                 administration and loan processing.  In 2008, Pam joined John as a team member.
                                 Education:  AA Degree in Accounting from Parks University, Denver, CO
                                 Licensed real estate broker since 1978  and Notory Public
                                 Contact Pam:  925-784-6412

        Stephen Lloyd 
        Intero Real Estate                            
        Stephen, has been in the Real Estate industry since 1985.  He is committed to 
        helping clients find the best home and loan available at an affordable price.  He has been 
        with various real estate franchise firms and worked as an independent. 
                                Intero Real Estate was instrumental in breaking new ground with internet platforms to
                                help home owners and investors find homes available.    
                                He is regarded as a strong asset where ever he puts in his energy.
                                Education:  Bachelor Degree in Business Admininistration
                                Licensed real estate sales agent.  
                                Contact Stephen   925-371-6500             

         Linda Smith - Transaction Coordinator 
         REALTY WORLD - Millennium
Linda has been with REALTY WORLD - Millennium and handles the real estate 
         transaction  coordination team.  She is well versed in all of the legal requirments
         regarding forms,  compliance with DRE regulations.  Managing  each file includes
         compliance and ordering reports collecting documents and  providing agents a central 
                                 location for their file management.
                                 Contact Linda   209-835-4545          

        Kellie Salis - Property Manager
        RWM - Property Management -
Affiliate company which manages hundreds of single
        family residences.   Kellie has been with RWM for years.  She has extensive knowledge of
        all aspects of property management.   She has served in several roles in the real estate
        industry helping clients meet their needs.   
        Contact Kelli:   209-814-2035    
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